President Obama – The Naval Station Rota

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15 septiembre, 2020
Marc Anthony Tour Spain
14 septiembre, 2020

As part of the team from Ypress Communication Agency, I had the opportunity to cover the the President of the United States´s visit at the Naval Station Rota in Cadiz. Such a thrilling experience!!. I never thought that I would be able to Photograph President Obama. A public person whom always has attracted me from his philosophy of Being, for many reasons.

I could write much about what happened there. The arrival with its national and americans checkpoints all around. I felt totally in love with security american force, their dapper suits, glasses, and their “intriguing” sign language to communicate. Something awesome for someone who enjoys sighting. We could be under a temperature of 30 degrees. Water & water, please !!!. See the graphics teams working for major national media channels ands papers. I wonder who their therapists are to ease those backs carrying huges telephotos. Professionals, “older dogs”, which know all the tricks. One even brought cold “gaspachito” for timeouts. Made in Spain! Listening them, watching them how they were taking positions. For them it was just a regular day. A news more to cover from many in their working day. And myself … enjoying everything. Seeing that movie. We remained for more than four hours waiting for the official President Obama´s aircraft in a bounded area by the security forces: “If you pass this line, you can not longer enter again,” they said. My equipment was: 35mm, 50mm and 70 / 200mm, that close to the huge lens from my “fellows”, I was looking as a kindergarten. “So, let´s tell a story,”

I said. I tried to cross the “red” line, but severals glances made me go back to the “green” line. But, as nothing is impossible in life, I set out myself to tell a part of that history with my 70/200mm, and allowing me to get a special look, a tender gesture, that differed and would supply, not being able to be quite close with my “dear” 35mm. I gan with the Spanish Army official photorapher, which told me: ” you are photographing in different way than the others photographers”. ” I do tell stories” , I said. And , from there, we were almost, all the time, sharing strategic locations to photograph and telling our “personals stories as photographers”.

And has come the moment to receive the official aircraft. So there we were, guided by the marines and security forces to the stage set up for press. Watching, once againd, the “fantastic dance” from the securityforces, their blacks dreadnoughts 4x4 blacks, arriving at the same time the grounding plane. Each one in their position, with the security forces , such an American movie !!!! OMG! And there he was, looking for him all the time!. Finally appeared walking from the plane the official photographer Pete Souza, one of my heroes !. I follow faithfully his documentary work on the President Obama from day to day . I have a dream !!!. I began to photograph him, that almost I lost output Obama !!! So from that time, I got had two targets. Watching him photographing, which angles he chooses closing to the President. In such a sort time, I got the chance observed much.

We return to the hangar, and here is the story through my images of President Obama to Naval Station Rota in Cadiz I enjoyed beyond!!. A great experience to add in my life and professional journey, and always surprising me. Perhaps the following step will be to get to Hillary Clinton and makes her a proposal, photographing speaking. ;). Thanks so much Universe.
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